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Whether you're verifying the registration of a vehicle or researching for personal or business reasons, our California License Plate Lookup is your dependable resource. Our database is frequently updated to ensure you have access to the most accurate information available.

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California DMV Handbook Guide

Access the latest California DMV handbooks and manuals right here. Whether you're a new driver, a commercial driver, or need information on motorcycle regulations, our comprehensive collection has you covered.

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Prepare for your DMV test with our practice quizzes. We provide a variety of tests to check your knowledge on road rules, signs, and driving scenarios specific to California's roadways.

California License Plate Lookup

Instantly check the details of any California license plate. Our lookup tool provides information on the vehicle's history, registration, and any special status such as personalized or specialty plates.

DMV Locations in California

Find a California DMV office near you. Our directory lists locations statewide, complete with services offered and contact information to schedule appointments or inquire about specific DMV services.