California DMV Mandatory Actions Unit

What Is the Mandatory Actions Unit?

The Mandatory Actions Unit (MAU) is a division of the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) responsible for enforcing actions related to driver licensing. This includes suspensions, revocations, and reissuance of driving privileges based on specific legal or administrative requirements.

Roles and Responsibilities

The MAU operates under strict legal guidelines to ensure public safety on California roads. Its responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing cases of DUIs, reckless driving, and other serious offenses.
  • Implementing suspension or revocation of driving privileges as mandated by law.
  • Processing reinstatements of driving privileges after suspension or revocation periods.
  • Managing administrative hearings related to driving privilege suspensions and revocations.

Dealing With a Suspension or Revocation

If you've received a notice from the MAU regarding a suspension or revocation of your driving privileges, it's essential to respond promptly and follow the specified steps for resolution. This may include:

  • Completing a DUI program or traffic school, if required.
  • Paying any fines or reissuance fees.
  • Providing proof of financial responsibility (SR-22).
  • Requesting an administrative hearing, if applicable.

Contacting the Mandatory Actions Unit

For inquiries or more information regarding a suspension or revocation, the MAU can be contacted directly. It's beneficial to have your driver license number and case details ready for reference.

Understanding the role and procedures of the Mandatory Actions Unit is crucial for California drivers facing license suspension or revocation. By taking appropriate actions and complying with MAU requirements, drivers can work towards reinstating their driving privileges.