California Digital License Plates

The Future is Here with Digital Plates

California leads the way with digital license plate technology, offering a modern twist on the traditional metal license plate. Digital plates provide enhanced features and convenience for California drivers.

Benefits of Digital License Plates

Digital plates come with a host of benefits, including the ability to renew registration electronically, access to customized designs, and improved vehicle security.

  • Automatic registration renewal notifications and updates.
  • Real-time customization of the display design and personal messages.
  • Integrated theft-prevention technologies to safeguard your vehicle.

How to Get Digital Plates

Ready to upgrade to digital plates? The CA DMV makes it easy to apply for and install digital license plates on your vehicle. Start by checking the availability and requirements on the DMV's official website.

Embrace the digital revolution on California's roads with your own digital license plate. Experience the convenience, security, and personalization that come with this innovative technology.