California Specialty License Plates

Express Yourself on the Road

California offers a wide range of specialty license plates to cater to various interests, causes, and affiliations. These plates not only allow vehicle owners to showcase their support for environmental causes, educational programs, and non-profit organizations but also contribute to their funding.

Types of Specialty Plates

Whether you're an environmental advocate, a veteran, or a college alum, there's a specialty plate for you:

  • Environmental Plates: Support conservation efforts and state parks.
  • Arts Plates: Fund arts programs and education in schools.
  • Collegiate Plates: Support scholarships and programs at California colleges.
  • Veterans Plates: Honor military service and support veterans' programs.

How to Order Specialty Plates

Ordering a specialty plate is simple. Visit the California DMV website or your local DMV office to select your design, fill out the necessary forms, and submit your payment. Some plates may require proof of eligibility, especially those honoring military service.

Personalization Options

Many specialty plates can be personalized to make your statement even more unique. Whether it's a nickname, a message, or something that represents your cause, personalizing your plate adds a special touch to your vehicle.

Contribute to a Cause

By choosing a specialty plate, you're not just personalizing your vehicle; you're contributing to important causes and programs across California. A portion of your fees goes directly to the programs each plate supports, making a difference in the community.

Explore the wide range of specialty license plates offered by the California DMV and express your passion on the road while supporting valuable state programs and initiatives.